World's only Hot Water Soluble Sanitary pads. Dissolve it in hot water and flush the slurry.
No more Waste, No more worry of Disposal!
Let's bring change together for a Green Future!

Soft & Comfortable

Rashes free pads

Hot water soluble

Bio Degradable

Leak Proof

How to dissolve Cresa Pads

Ready for hassle-free periods without generating waste? Get a pack of Cresa Pads today & forget the need to deal with dirty bins anymore!

Use it

Normally use the sanitary pad in the same way as other pads available in the market.

Dissolve it

After using, It starts dissolving immediately after pouring hot water in a container.

Flush it

It gets dissolved in a slurry that you can easily dispose in the toilet without causing blockage.

Our Impact

Working towards creating a better tomorrow!

206 KgCO2e
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Currently, there are no ways of disposing of the period products without causing a threat to the planet earth. By switching to Cresa, you can ensure its safe disposal and thereby, cut the carbon footprint in half.

315 Kg
Period wastes from Landfills
Landfill Wastes

That’s where the period wastes are disposed of, and it stays there for up to 500 years. Unlike ordinary pads, Cresa’s pads don’t cause waste generation. It needs to be flushed off which means no more landfills.

5,945 Bags
Worth of Plastic

Almost every conventional pack of pads contains plastics similar to five carrier bags. Cresa’s pads, on the other hand, use no plastics and are home-disposable, and disappear over a month.

252 Kg Kg
Microplastics from Waterways

Almost every period products are disposed of. It takes hundreds of years to break down into microplastics which end up in waterways. By switching to Cresa, microplastic pollution will be stopped.

  • ★★★★★

    It's very comfortable and most importantly it's bio degradable, did not have to compromise with the market product at all w.r.t. quality and comfort. Highly recommended.

  • ★★★★★

    This is a perfect product, which can be used by anyone and it's very comfortable. Also it's organic so it helps in reducing the pollution.

  • ★★★★★

    it's very comfortable soft and much better than other market prooducts even the size is perfect.

  • ★★★★★

    It was so comfortable and i have noticed using other sanitary pads i got rashes and by using this Cresa sanitary pad i didn't got any rashes so overall lt's good.

  • ★★★★★

    Pads are really usable, no bad odor even after use and very much easy to dispose, considering moderate bleeding, size of pads suits me perfectly and even fit was good. Pads are soft and smooth, there were no rashes or anything which I generally experience while using other pads. So, definitely I would like to continue using these pads.


How we make it eco-Friendly

Cresa offers healthy and sustainable products made from eco-friendly ingredients that safeguard you and the planet.

Plastic free

Ordinary sanitary napkins contain plastic and petrochemical by-products. It doesn’t allow the moisture and blood to seep through, and also prevents embarrassing bloodstains during menstruation, but at what cost?

All these plastic-based sanitary pads provide a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections. It even causes skin irritation in the most delicate area of the body.

At Cresa, we aim to solve this issue by providing plastic-free products. Our sanitary napkins have eliminated the use of plastic and replaced it with sustainable materials such that you experience a comfortable period experience.


Conventional sanitary pads are made using polyolefins that can cause skin irritation. Additionally, these pads are made from synthetic elements and toxic dioxins that can cause skin allergies and irritations.

Also, many pads contain synthetic dyes that make your pad look prettier. But, these dyes can irritate, especially if it contains heavy metals.

With an eco-friendly alternative, Cresa is here to offer you a lifestyle that is more hygienic and chemical-free. Our pads don’t contain any chemicals and thus do not cause allergies and are also rash-free.

Disposal free

Women in rural areas prefer using reusable cloth during periods, but it isn’t so hygienic. These have to wash off properly and dried in sunlight, which acts as a natural sterilizer for the cloth sanitary pads.

There are other alternatives like reusable tampons or pads made of bamboo, wood, or charcoal pulp, but these aren’t good for health as well as for the environment.

Thus, here we are, Cresa, aiming to provide you with disposal-free sanitary pads that you just need to flush in the toilet. It leaves behind no waste, no microplastic, and thus, solves the huge issue of disposing of the pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Switch to Cresa?

The mission of Cresa is:
-To introduce sanitary napkin which doesn’t stay in the environment forever once it is disposed of.
-To give instant disposal solution to sanitary napkins which hardly used for a few hours. With no compromise on user experience and the environment!
-To give rash-free period experience.

Why Hot water soluble?

Along with environmental safety, we want to make sure that the Cresa pad gives the best user experience in terms of comfort, softness, and strength with zero leakage. At normal temperatures, our pads give the best absorbency along with softness and a rash-free experience. At Hot water exposure, it breaks down into flushable slurry without any worry of disposal. Hence due to hot water soluble properties, it solves three problems - Health, Disposal, and environmental!

Is Cresa Pad Certified?

The Cresa Pads are Indian Standard certified in terms of performance and usage. The products are certified safe to use and skin-friendly. All the ingredients are certified compostable and biodegradable.

What are your pads made of?

Cresa hot water soluble pads are made of:
·Super-soft top sheet, and non-permeable back sheet made of water-soluble materials.
·The absorbent core is made of plant fibers and biodegradable absorbent powder that locks in blood and gives complete protection.

How do Cresa Pads dissolve in hot water?

The Cresa pad break downs immediately after exposure to hot water, and the internal core gets dispersed with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush. The water needs to be very hot - around 75 - 80 degrees Celsius! At this temperature, the outer layers dissolve, and the internal absorbent core gets dispersed. Remember! Cresa’s sanitary pads are the only sanitary products you can dissolve in hot water to flush away its slurry. Don’t try this with other period products!

Is it safe to flush the pad slurry?

Our material is fully biodegradable and water dispersible. Once the pad is exposed to hot water, the slurry is formed with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush. This ensures that your pad will have disintegrated by the time it reaches your local municipal plant and can be treated along with toilet paper and sewage.

Can I flush Cresa Pads directly?

No! It is not recommended to flush the Cresa Pads directly, even though, the layers of the pads get separated with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush.

Will the Cresa Pad pollute the wastewater?

Absolutely not. We developed our Hot water-soluble pads such that the slurry is safely flushed away, leaving no trace. And all the materials we use are 100% free from microplastics.

What happens when Cresa Hot water soluble slurry is flushed?

First, with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush, the internal core gets dispersed and the slurry as it starts traveling down the drain without any blockages.

How absorbent is Cresa Pad?

Out pads are tested in lab conditions of a 2 kg load with 80 ml of water without any leakage. The average 5-day period is 80 - 100ml. Our unique bio-based sap sheets lock the blood instantly. Based on absorbency we have two sizes of pads - Regular flow and Heavy Flow.

How to dissolve Cresa Pads?

The Cresa pads can be simply dissolved just by pouring hot water on soiled pads in a mug or vessel and then throwing the slurry in the toilet and flushing it. Remember! The water needs to be very hot - around 75 - 80 degrees Celsius! At this temperature, the outer layers dissolve, and the internal absorbent core gets dispersed.

What is Hot Bin?

To dissolve Cresa Pads with easy, safe, and quick disposal, we have developed Hot water dissolving bins that can be installed in toilets and washrooms whether it is in the household or public places. These fully automated bins are designed in such a way that it represents just another trash bin with hot water and flush provision in it.

Is the peel paper and pouch flushable?

No! They are not flushable. The peel paper and pouch both are made of compostable materials which can be disposed of in normal trash bins.