Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Switch to Cresa

The mission of Cresa is - - To introduce sanitary napkin which doesn’t stay In the environment forever once it is disposed. - To give instant disposal solution to sanitary napkins which hardly used for few hours. With no compromise on user experience and environment! - To give rash free period experience

Why Hot water soluble?

"Along with the environmental safety we want to make sure that the Cresa pad gives the best user experience in terms of comfort, softness and strength with zero leakage. At normal temperature our pads gives best absorbency along with softness and rash free experience. At Hot water exposure, it breaks down into flushable slurry without any worry of disposal. With hot water soluble property, it solves 3 problems - Health, Disposal and Environmental!"

What makes Cresa pads unique?

Unlike ordinary pads that consist of 90% toxic substances and plastics, Cresa pads are made using a super soft top sheet, permeable back sheet, and biodegradable water-soluble components. Our Cresa sanitary pads focus on bringing innovation in current menstrual hygiene products leaving behind no waste, no microplastic, and no worry of disposal and solving a huge environmental issue.

How often should I change the Cresa pad?

Well, it is recommended to change your sanitary pads after every 4 to 6 hours.

How do Cresa pads help reduce skin rashes and discomfort?

Most conventional pads contain polypropylene, polyethylene, artificial fragrances, deodorants, dyes, chlorine bleach, latex, parabens, dioxins, chloroform, and more which makes you uncomfortable and your skin itchy. Whereas, Cresa pads use bio-based absorbent powder sheet that locks in blood and gives complete protection. This unique combination makes it super soft, and comfortable and gives the best user experience.

Is Cresa Pad Certified?

The Cresa Pads are Indian Standard certified in terms of performance and usage. The products are certified safe to use and skin friendly. All the ingredients are certified compostable and biodegradable.

What are your pads made?

"Cresa Hot water soluble Pads are made of Super-soft topsheet and non permiable backsheet made of water soluble materials. Absorbent core made of plant fibres and biodegradable absorbent powder that locks in blood and gives complete protection"

How abosrbent is Cresa Pad?

Our pads are tested in lab conditions of 2 kg load with 80 ml of water without any leakage. The average 5-day period is 80 - 100ml. Our unique bio based sap sheets locks the blood instantly. Based on absorbency we have two sizes of pads - Regular flow and Heavy Flow.

Is the peel paper and pouch flushable? 

No! They are not flushable. The peel paper and pouch both are made of compostable materials which can be disposed in normal trash bin.

Is flushing the Cresa pads better than binning like ordinary pads?

Flushing the Cresa pad guarantees that the product will disappear in about one month due to treatment at the wastewater plants. If you’re binning any product, it will end up in landfills or get incinerated which pollutes the environment. Thus, we suggest flushing them instead of binning them.


How to Dissolve Cresa Pads?

The Cresa pads can be simply dissolved just by pouring hot water on soiled pads in a mug or vessel and then throwing the slurry in the toilet and flush it. Remember! The water needs to be very hot - around 75 - 80 degrees Celcius! At this temperature, the outer layers dissolve and the internal absorbent core gets dispersed.

What is Hot Bin? 

In order to dissove Cresa Pads with easy, safe and quick disposal, We hae developed Hot water dissolving bins which can be installed at Toilets and washrooms whether it is household or public places. These fully automated bins are designed in such a way that it represents just another trash bin with hot water and flush provision in it.

How Cresa Pads dissolves in hot water?

"The Cresa pad break downs immidiately after exposure to hot water and the internal core gets disperesed with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush. The water needs to be very hot - around 75 - 80 degree celcius! At this temperatue the outer layers dissolves and internal absorbent core gets disperesed. Remember ! Cresa’s sanitary pads are the only sanitary products you can dissolve in hot water flush away its slurry. Don’t try this with other periods products! "

Can I flush Cresa Pads directly?

No! It is not recommended to flush the Cresa Pads directly, despite of the fact that, the layers of the pads gets separated with the with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush.

What happens when Cresa Hot water soluble slurry is flushed?

With the hydraulic action of your toilet flush, the internal core of hot water slurry gets fully dispersed and it starts travelling down the drain without any blockages.


Is if safe to flush the pad slurry?

Our material is fully biodegradable and water dispersible. Once the pad is exposed to hot water, the slurry is formed with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush. This ensures that your pad will have disintegrated by the time it reaches your local municipal plant and can be treated along with toilet paper and sewage.

Will the Cresa Pad pollute the waste water?

Absolutely not. We have developed our Hot water soluble pads such the slurry is safely flushed away, leaving no trace. And all the materials we use are compostable and free from microplastics.

How will your pads reduce pollution from the ecosystem?

The materials used for producing Cresa pads are fully biodegradable and water dispersible. Once the pad is exposed to hot water, the slurry is formed which disintegrates by the time it reaches your local municipal plant. Thus, no pollution is caused to the ecosystem.

Orders and Payment

How can I cancel my order?

"You have the option to cancel your order before it is dispatched from our warehouse. To cancel the order: Send an email to within 24 hours of placing the order. You will receive a cancellation email from us in 24 to 48 Business hours. Within the next 6 to 8 working days after confirmation, the money will be refunded as per the payment method NOTE: The orders already shipped from our side cannot be canceled. "

What payment options do you have? 

"Keeping in mind the health and safety in these times, we accept prepaid orders only to minimize the contact.
You can choose to pay by the following options:
Credit/Debit card payment
Net Banking
Wallets- PhonePay, Paytm"

How can I check the status of my order?

After placing the order, you can check the order details as follow:
If you have account
1. Log in to you account
2. Go to manage your orders
3. Check the delivery
status of your order
If you don’t have an account create an account at {link}
We will also send you an email notification when your order is processed and dispatched for delivery.

Shipping and Returns

Do you provide free shipping? 

For orders over 400 INR, shipping is free. For orders below 400 INR, shipping is 50 INR.

What if I want to change my delivery address after placing my order?

When you order Cresa pads, a shipping label is generated and your order is dispatched for delivery within 24 to 36 hours. Once your order has been dispatched, we are unable to redirect it. Make sure you enter the correct shipping address when you place an order.

Is there a refund or exchange policy for an item?

"Products may be returned within 7 days of delivery, subject to the conditions below. Returns can only be exchanged or replaced. Returns/refunds will not be given in the monetary form. It is only possible to return products once they have been sold if the packaging is damaged, if the product was damaged in transit, or if it is of inferior quality (untouched). Quality that is inferior to what is described in the product description is considered inferior. Used products cannot be returned. To initiate a return, please email with your sales invoice number and “Return” in the subject line. We will respond promptly to assist you with your return."

What area do you deliver? 

Cresa Sanitary pads are currently delivered all over India

How long it takes to receive my Cresa pads?

After placing the order, It takes two to six working days for your cresa pad to arrive, depending on your location.

Do you ship Internationally?

NO, as of now we don’t provide that service.